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Risk Management

Proven risk management solutions

From the pre-trade risk management module within our trading system to our standalone real-time risk management tool, Patsystems has emerged as a leader in risk management solutions. 

Whether you represent an investment bank, FCM or proprietary trading firm, Patsystems risk solutions can be tailored to meet your business requirements and manage your risk exposure.

Pre-Trade Risk Management 

System And Risk Administration (SARA) is the pre-trade risk management module within Patsystems trading environment. SARA ensures that traders operate according to parameters specified by their risk administrators, who in turn, are able to access all the information required to maintain control of the trading community they are responsible for managing.

Post-Trade Risk Management

Risk Informer is a standalone, platform independent risk management system that calculates initial margin and P&L in real-time. Risk Informer can be used to manage risk for multiple asset classes including futures and options, FX, equities and CFDs.